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Bamboo Plants - Choosing, Planting and Growing Bamboo

Bamboo plants are ideal for garden privacy screens, landscaping, specimen plants, and ornamental features. Evergreen bamboo ranges from hardy bamboo species to grow in cooler climates to tropical bamboo

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Bamboo Fountain and Shishi Odoshi Water Spout Made from Bamboo

Shishi Odoshi bamboo fountain, a water fountain often discovered in Japanese tea gardens

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Bamboo Gazebo, Tiki Bar, or Hut for the Garden

Bamboo gazebo, an impressive structure for socialising and relaxing in your garden

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Bamboo Rod Building Books - Making Bamboo Rods

Bamboo rod building books, fly rod making, bamboo is popular with rod makers for straightness, flexibility and strength

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Pseudosasa japonica - Arrow Bamboo

Fast growing hardy bamboo, Pseudosasa japonica has tall green canes, large leaves, ideal hedging and screening plant, known as Arrow Bamboo

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Dividing Clumping Bamboo and Propagating Bamboo

How to make divisions of bamboo plants for propagation and controlling growth. Dividing clumping bamboo creates new bamboos and prevents clumps from spreading

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Fargesia Bamboo Plants - Shade Tolerant Bamboo

Cold hardy, clumping growth, Fargesia bamboo for hedging or pots, dense, umbrella, fountain, upright, clump forming, colourful culms

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Fargesia nitida Bamboo - Fountain Bamboo

Shade tolerant Fargesia nitida Bamboo, dark purple thin canes, clumping, erect culms with arched graceful branching, narrow leaves

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Chusquea gigantea Bamboo - Chusquea breviglumis

Cold hardy big bamboo, Chusquea gigantea syn Chusquea breviglumis, vertical culms, long narrow leaves, multiple branches, giant specimen bamboo

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Caring for Bamboo Plants - Planting and Bamboo Care Guide

Bamboo plant care, climate, water, soil type, bamboo fertilizer, winter protection, mulch, compost, and more about how to care for bamboo

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