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Bamboo Tabletop Fountain

How to design and create a bamboo tabletop fountain guide. Make your own table top fountains

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Bamboo Pots made from Bamboo - Plant in Pots or Containers

Bamboo pots, carved bamboo or ceramic pots, grow bamboos in pots

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Japanese Garden Bamboo

Japanese garden bamboo resources, information and guides for your bamboo zen and Japanese garden design

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Bamboo Shoots - Bamboo Plant Shoot

Bamboo shoots are fast growing culms producing new canes to harvest for using in crafts and food to construction

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Bamboo Sheets - Quality Thread Sheets Made from Bamboo

Bamboo sheets quality is similar to that of cotton luxury sheets. Bamboo bed sheets are natural and breathable

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Bamboo Towels - Natural Fabric Towels made from Bamboo

Bamboo is an excellent bath towel alternative to using cotton. Bamboo towels are very soft and are anti-bacterial

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Trimming Bamboo - Cutting, and Thinning Bamboo

Trimming bamboo plants culms to grow branches and leaves for thicker hedges and privacy screens

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Bamboo Rhizome Barrier

Prevent bamboo spreading, and control rhizomes with bamboo rhizome barrier. Bamboo rhizomes can be contained with a physical barrier to prevent them from becoming invasive

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Bamboo Control and Containment - Stop Running Bamboo Spreading

Controlling running bamboo spreading using control and containment methods, rhizome barrier installation, pruning, trimming, mowing, and containers

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Bamboo Growth Rate and Habits

Bamboo growth is fast. Growing at the most rapid rate of all plants a bamboo culm growth chart over two months is up to a metre a day depending on species.

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