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Bamboo Diary Guide to Seasonal Care and Control of Bamboo

Bamboo diary provides guides and advice for spring, summer, autumn, and winter care of this fast growing and versatile plant.

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Bamboo Screen - Growing a Bamboo Privacy Screen

Decide on height, density, leaf size, and colour of bamboo screen to grow in landscaping or gardening

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Bamboo Growth Rate and Habits

Bamboo growth is fast. Growing at the most rapid rate of all plants a bamboo culm growth chart over two months is up to a metre a day depending on species.

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Bamboo Plant FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Bamboo

Bamboo plant FAQ answers common questions related to the plants and buying bamboo

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Semiarundinaria Bamboo Genera and Species List

Species in the Semiarundinaria bamboo genus include densiflora, densiflora var. Villosum, Temple bamboo, fortis, makinoi, Maruyamana, okuboi, yamadori, Kimmei, Kimmei Holochrysa, Kimmei Inversa, yoshi matsumurae

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Semiarundinaria yashadake Kimmei Narihira Bamboo

Fast growing ornamental Semiarundinaria yashadake Kimmei bamboo, yellow culms turning to a red tinge in fall. Dense growth running bamboo with an upright growth habit

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Borinda Lushuiensis No 4 Yunnan Bamboo

Ornamental blue culms Borinda Lushuiensis No 4 Yunnan, clumping and fast growing bamboo from China. Use for specimen, landscaping, hedging, screening, or container plant

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Borinda KR 5600 - Blue Giant Bamboo

KR bamboo species collected by Englishman Keith Rushforth. Borinda KR 5600 is a blue bamboo, originally Fargesia, that was discovered in South East Tibet uplands

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Potting Bamboo Seedlings and Shoots

Once bamboo seedlings start growing they need transplanting into pots. Potting bamboo seedlings, pot size, compost, and care

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Bamboo Seeds - Collecting and Growing

Bamboo seeds, protection, harvesting, and growing plants from seed. Bamboo produces seed after flowering but it is rare

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