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Phyllostachys vivax huanvenzhu Yellow Groove Vivax Bamboo

P. vivax f huanvenzhu green culms with yellow stripes of random widths in the sulcus grooves. Big specimen bamboo Yellow Groove Vivax straight tall green canes

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Phyllostachys vivax Bamboo

Phyllostachys vivax large bamboo, tall straight timber canes, green with yellow stripes, yellow with green stripes, big specimen plant

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Phyllostachys edulis Moso Bamboo

Biggest cold hardy temperate bamboo, Phyllostachys edulis, origin China, giant Moso timber bamboo forests, P. edulis pubescens

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Black Bamboo - Phyllostachys Nigra

Black bamboo has glossy black culms and edible shoots. Phyllostachys Nigra bamboo is popular for gardens, landscaping, hedging, windbreaks, screens, crafts

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Borinda Lushuiensis No 4 Yunnan Bamboo

Ornamental blue culms Borinda Lushuiensis No 4 Yunnan, clumping and fast growing bamboo from China. Use for specimen, landscaping, hedging, screening, or container plant

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Bamboo Diary Guide to Seasonal Care and Control of Bamboo

Bamboo diary provides guides and advice for spring, summer, autumn, and winter care of this fast growing and versatile plant.

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Bamboo Seeds - Collecting and Growing

Bamboo seeds, protection, harvesting, and growing plants from seed. Bamboo produces seed after flowering but it is rare

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Pseudosasa Bamboo

List of Pseudosasa bamboo cane species to harvest or grow a garden screen. Tonkin Cane, Tea Stick Bamboo, and Arrow are in this genus

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Trimming Bamboo - Cutting, and Thinning Bamboo

Trimming bamboo plants culms to grow branches and leaves for thicker hedges and privacy screens

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Bamboo Windbreak - your guide to growing bamboo for windbreaks and wind reduction

Bamboo Windbreak, cultivation guide for bamboo windbreaks, hedges and screens to compliment garden design

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