Bamboo Indoor Fountain

How would you like to have a bamboo indoor fountain in your home or office? Or... do you know someone who would love to have a fountain inside their house?

These fountains make fantastic gifts and come in a range of sizes and prices to suit. They are an excellent way of bringing the sound of the outdoors into the house, particularly during the winter when we can't spend so much time outdoors!

The bamboo itself also creates a sound that's unique and serene when compared to other similar fountains for indoors that are currently on the market... there is nothing quite like it.

Cascading water will not only add relaxing and soothing water sounds to calm you at work or while relaxing at home, fountains also have the additional benefit of acting as a natural humidifiers for moisturizing the air.

Fountain Pump

Fountains for indoors do not usually require plumbing as the water is re-circulated within the actual fountain. They contain a quiet pump that you should not be able to hear above the sound of the water as it hums and gently pumps the water round. Generally the pumps plug into any standard 110v electricity supply and include full care and use instructions. Some also include subtle lighting to create to even further enhance that feeling of relaxation in the room.

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