Bamboo Wind Chimes

Bamboo wind chimes make excellent gifts or just a treat for yourself.

If you want to give someone something meaningful and special unique chimes made out of bamboo are suitable for anyone who likes to sit in the garden.

Bamboo Chimes for Sale are listed further down the page.

Wind Chimes

They are most often made from hollow or solid metal or wooden tubes, are usually hung in the garden outside your home or inside an open window, and are played by the wind.

The wind moves them and causes the chimes to strike against each other or against metal, wood, or rubber balls which are mostly hung in the centre.

The inherent, natural acoustics entertain and relax you from the strength and movement of the wind.

What better way to enjoy some time in the garden, the weather is warm with a slight breeze and you are listening to the gentle and natural music coming from wind chimes and you feel like you are on a tropical island.

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Bamboo Wind Chimes


The tone of a wind chime is not only dependent on the material it is made from but also on the material the chimes knock against.

Any material will make a different sound when knocked against something else. Some examples being; glass, stones, wood, metal, pieces of plastic or metal pipe... from there the resulting tone would also depend on the type and weight of the wood or metal and the nature of the object hitting against it.

When you start thinking about it, to get a specific sound or tone would involve quite a lot of thought!


Using bamboo as a material to make chimes would enable you to employ the tube and lengths to develop it to strike a particular note.... with a lot of trial, error and adjustment!

I have some wind chimes made from very long pieces of bamboo that are about 2 inches wide.

The bamboo pieces gently knock a circular flat piece of stone.

The resulting tone is very deep and relaxing. And of course, being larger and heavier it takes a slightly stronger breeze to move it.

As Gifts

In Chinese tradition, the chime symbolizes peace, harmony and prosperity. Presenting one as a gift to a special person is to wish them happiness and good health.

I gave a large bamboo wind chime to my boss and she was really pleased. She took a photo of it hanging in the garden and brought it into work to show me. It's not always easy to choose gifts but that one was really well received.

For Sale

Prices vary enormously with the more unique and handcrafted ones being more expensive. In my personal experience, for the widest choice of available bamboo wind chimes, you can't beat buying online.

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Craft Projects

There are different styles available; some are beautifully hand crafted and totally unique. Many of the wind chimes from Indonesia, particularly Bali, are hand painted with beautiful designs. They have been made in that region for hundreds of years and the craft has been passed down through generations.

I have provided a page listing bamboo crafts

Other types of unique bamboo gifts