Bamboo Charcoal

Charcoal from Bamboo
Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is environmentally friendly. It is an ideal charcoal for your barbecue grills because not only does it have a high combustion value, it does not smoke and smell.

For in the home this type of charcoal can also be used as absorption material, see more about this below.

This product is made from bamboo that are at least five years old and produced by burning the canes in an oven at over 800° temperatures.

The output efficiency of this material is 100 kg of raw canes produce 20 kg.

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Uses and Advantages

Briquettes are used as fuel for cooking but it is also available in its raw state. It is a good alternative fuel for your BBQ in the garden!

Bamboo charcoal can also be used to eliminate impure substances in water purification such as for removing the residues that are left from the process of water sterilization with chlorine. Due to its high porosity, impurities are absorbed onto the wide surface area.

The ability to clean water is three times higher than that of wood charcoal. It is also reported to adjust the humidity in the air by absorbing moisture and converting it to dry, or if the air is too dry it will release its moisture into the air.

This product is used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, and in environment protection. It is also reported to be able to absorb radiation.

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Carbon - 44.40 %
Hydrogen - 5.17 %
Oxygen - 43.00 %
Others - 7.43 %

The surface areas of the pores are 500 M2 per 1 M3. Wood has only 250 M2 per 1 M3.


Vinegar is a bi-product of the production. During production, the steam that comes out is condensed and used to produce vinegar.

The resulting vinegar is used in products such as; insecticides, food processing, agriculture, cosmetics, deodorants, organic fertilizer, and the oil are used as a preservative. It kills bacteria and expels unwanted smells.

For in your shoes you can get plug sock dryer deodorization, you can buy pet odour absorbers made from bamboo charcoal... room air deodorisers, car air fresheners, cosmetic cleansing sponges, tar vinegar detox bar soap... there is a long list of environmentally products made from this.