Bamboo Paintings

Bamboo paintings bring an air of relaxation, style, and oriental atmosphere to any room. This is particularly true if you have other elements to compliment the interior design, such as Chinese furniture products, or a Japanese theme to the decor and furnishings.

A painting of bamboos is usually of the plant and will often be very simple and clear, such as just a few leaves and canes. Sometimes they can be of whole scenes from countries such as Japan and China where bamboos are grown widely and used for material to create buildings and many every day objects.

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Bamboo Pictures and Wall Art

An alternative to buying a bamboo painting is to buy a good quality photo or image and print it out yourself. Or... take one with your digital camera and have it printed at a printers. You can purchase good quality images from stock photo suppliers online.

Wall art is also growing in popularity. Three dimensional, made of metal such as iron, copper, and steel, or wood, these sculptures make an excellent addition to your home.