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Bamboo Building Books demonstrates a selection of books and reviews that are specifically related to interest in buildings and the construction side of using bamboo.

I've picked out a handful of quality books that I see as providing an excellent background to this topic along with the potential to give you some great ideas and show you the types of design and architectural projects that can be done with bamboo, most of which you likely had absolutely no idea could be done!

There are short reviews of some of these books given below.

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Bamboo Architecture: In Competition and Exhibition

Bamboo Architecture demonstrates the fascinating subjects of architecture and building with bamboo across the world. The book shows examples from exhibitions and competitions such as the competitions in International Bamboo Building Design, and the Shanghai World Expo in 2010.

Buy: #ad Bamboo Architecture: In Competition and Exhibition by Robert Henrikson, David Greenberg

This book shows just how innovative designers and architects are when using bamboo and other natural materials, and what the future potential for this building material is in a wide range of categories.

New Bamboo: Architecture and Design

A demonstration of construction using bamboo and showcasing a variety of projects in countries that have used bamboo for building for centuries, such as Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, and Panama.

Buy: #ad New Bamboo: Architecture and Design by Marcelo Villegas

Bambusa Guadua is a giant tropical bamboo that is versatile, reliable, and beautiful. If you are interested in building with bamboo this book will give you a great insight into not only residential buildings but commercial structures built using bamboo too.

Grow Your Own House: Simon Velez and Bamboo Architecture (English and German Edition)

The idea of growing your own home is appealing and bamboo provides that potential, depending on where you live and your climate!

Buy: #ad Grow Your Own House by Simon Velez

Discover the cost effectiveness, properties, durability, its significance through history, and how bamboo has the potential for an answer to sustainable living in our future.

How to Build With Bamboo: 19 Projects You Can Do at Home

This is a book of thirty projects showing you how to make things with bamboo including items such as; picture frames, plant and candle holders, swings, and screens.

Buy: #ad How to Build With Bamboo: 19 Projects You Can Do at Home by Jo Scheer

It also goes through some topics about the philosophy, history, environmental benefits of using bamboo, and growing it yourself to harvest for your projects.

Building with Bamboo: A Handbook

This book has been revised and it demonstrates the practical engineering experiences and research into testing of this material.

Although a small book it has a lot of useful information and diagrams.

Buy: #ad Building with Bamboo: A Handbook by Jules Janssen

The contents include; harvesting and preserving bamboo, housing, foundations, floors, walls, doors, windows, ceilings, roofs, bridges, roof trusses, and bamboo weaving.

Bamboo Style: Exteriors, Interiors, Details

Bamboo can be used for floors, ceilings, furniture, walls, and woven bamboo can enhance interior design in a multitude of ways.

Buy: #ad Bamboo Style

This is a book showing how it has been used in Indonesia, Japan, and China.

Bamboo in Japan

If you want to discover how bamboo has contributed to Japanese life, architecture, and religion, along with the sorts of items that have traditionally made with this material.

For example; rakes, spoons, blinds, fishing rods, umbrellas, scaffolding, swords, and musical instruments. You will get lots of ideas from this book.

Buy: #ad Bamboo in Japan by Nancy Moore Bess and Bibi Wein

The book also includes many facts and anecdotes that will completely fascinate you!

Bamboo Style

If you want some ideas on style, design, and decorating, for any room in your home, this book will provide interest you.

Buy: #ad Bamboo Style

Furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, and lots of accessories are showcased along with projects you can do yourself, techniques for decorating, and innovative uses of bamboo. Bamboo Style is an inspiration for those of you also interested in crafts and creative projects and it includes a section on resources.

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