Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo clothing, and related products such as sportswear, has risen in popularity due to the excellent qualities of the fabric. It is incredibly soft, smooth, and luxuriously comfortable.

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Some of the many qualities and benefits are:

  • The fabric absorbs and evaporates sweat
  • Its high breathability keeps you cool in hot weather warmer in the cold weather
  • The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of the fabric lead it to being more hygienic and healthier
  • By killing most bacteria your clothing stays odour free and fresher for longer
  • It is ideal for skin prone to allergies
  • It has anti-static properties, and it is UV protective cutting out 98% of UV rays
Mens Short Sleeve Bamboo Tshirt

This environmentally friendly fabric is altogether an excellent choice for a huge variety of reasons.

I'm so convinced of the benefits that over the last few years I have gradually been updating many of my clothes, sheets, bedding, and towels to being made from this natural fibre in preference to 100% cotton.


It can be washed on a gentle setting (using cold water is not only adequate but also saves on energy!).

There is no need to use bleach and fabric softeners either, they can damage the fibers and are a waste of your hard earned cash.

Organic Bath Robe

To dry, just hang on the washing line or tumble dry on a lowest setting.

Iron on a low setting if you feel the item needs ironing, but you will find that creases and wrinkles fall out of this fabric... also making it the ideal choice for travel clothes!

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I am really pleased with all the bamboo fibre products I've purchased and they last a long time, don't wear out quickly, and are easy to wash and dry. I particularly like the feel of it next to my skin and the fact that there are no problems with static from bamboo.

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