Bamboo Control and Containment

Bamboo control and containment is often necessary because although bamboo of various heights and colours make stunning evergreen additions to any garden, some running bamboo species do spread over time and therefore methods of containing or controlling spreading are needed.

Running bamboo plants spread much faster and wider than clumping bamboo. If you have chosen a running species you need to be aware of this to stop it invading other areas of your garden, or spreading to next door, where it is definately not wanted.

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I will describe the most popular ways of bamboo control, or prevention, related to the invasive running bamboo. These methods are really only needed for running bamboo and the pruning method may be used on clumping species if the overall clump grows too large.

Methods of Control

Each of the following pages of this site deal with the most popular methods of controlling spreading bamboo in detail.

Bamboo Rhizome Barrier

Rhizome Barrier Installation

Pruning Bamboo

Bamboo control by cutting, growing in a rockery
Control bamboo by cutting down

Container Bamboo - If you are really concerned about spreading bamboos and like the idea of being able to move your plants around the garden occasionally, some species can easily be grown in containers.

Transplanting Bamboo - If you would like to keep your plant, but move it to a different spot, get tips from my page on how to transplant bamboo plants.

Bamboo rhizomes new shoots
Bamboo rhizomes new shoots

Fire: A flame gun is an effective tool for control of bamboos as they are sensitive to fire. If you have an invasive species burn off the shoots that have escaped from the area you want the plant to be contained in. Be careful not to also burn any neighbouring plants that you want to keep!

If you really need to completely eradicate some plants please visit my page on how to kill bamboo and my section on alternatives to killing bamboo.

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Have you got problems with the neighbours' bamboo? What if there was bamboo regulation to prevent such issues with bamboo control?

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