Bamboo Sheets

The popularity of natural fibre bamboo sheets is due to the many qualities of the fabric, some of which outweigh those of other natural fibres. Bamboo has become a prized material by the linen industry.

As an environmentally friendly, natural, and breathable product with antimicrobial and antifungal properties, sheets made from bamboo have become favourite high quality material for bedding on a similar popularity scale as Egyptian cotton.

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Antibacterial Bamboo

The plants do not require pesticides when growing as it has a natural pest-protecting bio-substance. This antifungal substance is also found in the resulting spun fibres and has been commercially tested with the resulting discovery that it eradicates bacteria at a high rate even after 50 washes.

These antibacterial qualities, along with its breathability, softness, and high absorption rate make it an excellent choice over cotton.

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Bamboo Sheets for Night Sweats

Bamboo bed sheets are also great for anyone suffering from night sweats through illness, fever, or hot flashes.

Waking up in the night drenched in sweat and having to do the laundry over again and again is no fun!

If you understand the properties of fabric made from bamboos you will understand that sleeping in this fibre provides relief for people suffering from night sweats.

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You will still have night sweats but the sweat will be absorbed very quickly with dampness in the night being considerably reduced.

The dampness will then evaporate and another great property of bamboo sheets... they are odour resistant and antibacterial... therefore they will not smell of sweat and there will be no need to wash them every morning!

Properties specific to night sweats include:

  • Odour resistance. This is not just for bedding, it also applies to all clothing made from these fibres such as; t-shirts, socks, under clothes, sweatshirts, vests...
  • The fabric absorbs and wicks away or evaporates sweat
  • Its high breathability keeps you cool in hot weather warmer in the cold weather, up to 3 degrees either way
  • The antifungal and antibacterial properties of the fabric means it is more hygienic and healthier than other natural fabrics
  • By killing most bacteria, your bedding and clothing stays odour free and fresher for longer
  • Being a natural fabric it is ideal for skin prone to allergies
  • It has anti-static properties, and it is UV protective cutting out 98% of UV rays

Environmentally friendly bamboo fabric is altogether an excellent bedding choice for a huge variety of reasons.

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