Bamboo Butcher Block

A bamboo butcher block is a cutting board that is made of a superior natural resource.

The hardness of this material exceeds that of most other hardwoods which means that knife marks will be less visible and your chopping board will last longer and look better for years.

One of the qualities that makes these boards so popular is that a bamboo block will absorb very little moisture and therefore it will not shrink or swell as much.

Do your bit to help preserve our forests by using eco-friendly products.

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Bamboo Block Care

To care for your chopping board, handwash it in warm water with a mild dish soap.

Wipe it over periodically using a mineral oil.

The oil will help preserve the board and bring out the beauty in the grain of the bamboo.

Do not leave the cutting board to soak in water or put it in a dishwasher.

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