Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels and related products such as bath robes and washcloths are becoming the popular choice of natural fabric as an alternative to cotton.

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As people discover the excellent properties of this versatile material they are making it their number one choice for high quality products.

Bamboo Towel Fabric

The fabric is incredibly soft, smooth, and luxurious. The feel of it against your skin has been compared to that of silk. Some of the many qualities and benefits of items made from this plant are:

  • The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the fabric lead it to being more hygienic and healthier
  • By killing most bacteria your products stay odour free and fresher for longer
  • It is ideal for skin prone to allergies
  • It has anti-static properties
  • The fabric absorbs and evaporates sweat
  • Its high breathability keeps you cool in hot weather warmer in the cold weather

This environmentally friendly natural fabric is altogether an excellent choice for a huge variety of reasons, including the ease of care and washing.

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Bamboo Soft Towels

Bamboo has been said to be the natural green, eco-friendly type of textile material for the new millennium, and it will thrive naturally with no need for use of pesticides normally.

As a fibre bamboo is 100% biodegradable, a 100% natural cellulose, should not cause environmental pollution, and there is no need to use chemicals to convert it into yarn. Although it is recommended to check this statement with individual products as some manufacturers may have used chemicals.

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Of course the towels won't biodegrade while you use them, simply over a long period of time and once they return back to the earth.

Bamboo Towel Washing Guide

Wash a bath towel at 40 degrees centigrade, and then you so desire you can tumble dry on low / medium heat settings.

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