Bamboo Fountain

A Bamboo fountain has always been known to provide an atmosphere of tranquility and these fountains are widely popular in several Asian cultures.

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Bamboo Fountain

Cultural Significance of Bamboo Fountains

One of the most popular forms of fountains made from bamboos are Shishi Odoshi fountains.

Shishi Odoshi fountains are mainly found in Japanese Tea Gardens.

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Shishi odoshi Bamboo Fountain

Shishi Odoshi stands for “deer scarer” in Japanese. It was mainly used for Japanese rice farmers to scare away the birds, deer, and other agriculture damaging animals.

In the modern world, it has become a classic garden water feature.

As the Japanese culture progressed, Shishi Odoshi was used by zen monks in their Japanese tea gardens. In today’s world, it is used as a meditative focal point as well as an agent of thought detoxification. The old symbolic significance of “scaring away the deer” has taken a new turn.

One’s mind being compared to a rice farm, thoughts being symbolized as rice, and the distractions are metaphorically related to birds and deer that damage the agricultural farms, the new-age symbolism of shishi-odoshi has taken a form of thought-detoxification agent.

Shishi Odoshi has gained lot of popularity due to its cultural connection with Japanese zen monks. Its soothing and serene appearance has made it one of the most preferred garden water features.

Water Fountain

In traditional Japanese tea house, mainly regarded as a place of social ceremonies and worship, Shishi Odoshi is placed by the entrance. As per the tradition, upon entering the tea house, one would drink from the shishi odoshi basin. This ritual symbolizes the act of internal cleansing. This act of internal cleansing is followed as a tradition prior to starting any social or religious ceremonies.

Shishi odoshi operates in a very intriguing way. As shown in the picture, water pours from the hollow arm onto the pivoting arm. When the pivoting arm is filled with water, it rocks over and empties the water. As it tips over, it makes a “clacking” sound when it gently hits the hard surface of basin. This clacking sound in the original design of shishi odoshi was intended to scare away the deer and birds. Now, as the bamboo spout clacks rhythmically, zen monks meditate on it.

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Japanese Water Fountain

Shishi odoshi is one of the best water features. It adds unmatched beauty and charm to a garden.

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