Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to wooden fences for using in garden designs and projects.

Elaborate Natural Bamboo Fencing next to a ditch and woodland

Japanese designs sometimes include these types of fences and structures made from poles and canes, and such aspects of Japanese style gardens are enjoying an increased appeal in many other countries.

This is a good environmentally friendly alternative natural material to chopping down our forests to make hardwood garden fencing structures!

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Fencing Styles

The Katsura-gaki fence design shown in the image on the right is constructed in the style of Takeho-gaki.

Bamboo branches of different thicknesses are used in different ways for designing Katsura-gaki fencing and quite elaborate and decorative designs can be achieved with branches.

Sometimes split cane is used in preference to branches. Katsura-gaki can also be used in conjunction with roofing.

Katsura-gaki bamboo fencing - Constructed in the style of Takeho-gaki
Katsura-gaki fence - Constructed in the style of Takeho-gaki

Fence Panels

Otsu-gaki woven bamboo fence panels
Otsu-gaki woven panels

Including bamboo fence panels in your garden design will add a tropical look.

These panels can be purchased in various sizes and designs, from ready-made to do it yourself, some completely constructed from bamboos and others are based on a wooden frame.

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Rolled fence material is a good way to buy it according to the type of fencing you are looking for.

DIY Fence Building

10 tips on how to build your own fence

Maintenance and Care

Bamboo Fencing Yotsume-gaki Style
Yotsume-gaki Style Fence

As any natural product, it is a material that will age and fade.

It will last for years if you provide it with the same level of maintenance you would expect to give to protect a wooden fence from the elements.

To treat your fence with preservative, I recommend you use either oil, such as hemp, or a petroleum based preservative.