Bamboo Floor Pictures

This page provides some bamboo floor pictures to give you an idea of the different types and colours that are available.

There are also some photos that show a typical bamboo flooring edge and joint fixing.

Further down the page you will find a list of links to all the other pages related to bamboo flooring on this site, including floor care, installation, and the problems and advantages of bamboo floors.

Bamboo floor fitting picture

Bamboo Flooring Joint

Picture showing how some types of bamboo floor planks fit together

Bamboo Floor Planks Joint

Close up image of a bamboo floor fixing type

Bamboo Flooring Joint

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Bamboo floor edging detail

Bamboo Floor Edge

Edge of a full plank of bamboo floor

Bamboo Flooring Edge

Natural colour bamboo floor

Bamboo Flooring Color

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Bamboo floor parquet texture

Bamboo Floor Texture

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