Bamboo Flooring Price

A bamboo flooring price will generally be a reflection of the quality of the bamboo flooring unless it is a high quality bamboo floor material being sold at a discount or cheap price in a floor sale.

Bamboo floor prices comparison should be made with quality in mind. As with any other flooring materials, such as hardwood flooring, you are better off if you buy the quality of flooring you can afford.

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Buying a cheap bamboo floor material will not necessarily save you money in the long term.

A cheap floor may actually end up in a higher cost for repairs or returns and may not last as long as the higher quality but higher priced floor.

Flooring Samples

You can view flooring samples online and find bamboo offering the 'look and feel' that is to your taste and within your budget. If you are nervous about buying online, and would prefer to see a sample of the floor first, ask any supplier if they can send you a sample before you commit to buying and then you will be able to see the colour and floor quality with your own eyes.

Even if you don't think you will be able to tell if it is high quality, cheap or low quality flooring materials do generally look cheaper and lower quality! You can always ask both a supplier of high quality flooring and a supplier of cheap flooring to both send you samples, that way you can make a bamboo flooring quality comparison in your own home.

Flooring Prices Feedback and Reviews

Buying online usually gives you the option of getting access to feedback and reviews from previous customers. You can make a judgement on the supplier and the flooring when you see if previous customers were satisfied with the service, purchase, and the flooring.

Online sellers and suppliers really do not want to get bad feedback most of them strive to maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction and relations.

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Additional Costs


Don't forget to check out the delivery costs as they can sometimes make a big difference to your overall bamboo flooring price as some suppliers may have a low price on the product but overcharge on delivery!


If you are not installing the flooring yourself you need to get three quotes from professional flooring installers. Unless you already have a recommendation and have chosen who will do your installation. Each quote should include the exact same service, and no extras, otherwise you will not be able to make an accurate comparison.


Ensure the quote includes the type of finish and/or preservative you want on the floor if you need one.