Strand Bamboo Flooring

Strand bamboo flooring, strand bamboo wooden flooring, woven strand, strand woven floor, strand woven bamboo... some of the many terms used for this type of floor material.

What is the Difference?

Strand bamboo flooring is an extremely tough alternative to traditional wooden flooring. In terms of solidity it beats out wooden options such as oak, maple, and some other materials.

The strength of this type of flooring is a result of the unusual method used to create it.

How is Strand Bamboo Flooring Made?

This type of flooring is created by cutting long strips of bamboo and boiling them to remove the sugar - this stops the bamboo from attracting termites that can reduce the lifespan of the floor.

The strips are then woven together and pressed at high pressure, moulding them together and resulting in a plank with a unique structure which is of greater density and strength than a typical bamboo plank.

It is also more visually striking than traditional bamboo and offers a wider variety of possible styles.

Is Strand Bamboo Wooden Flooring for You?

This type of flooring is ideal for people who want their home to have a unique look. If you’re planning to build or renovate a home, and you want to make it uniquely “you,” having strand woven floors may be a good option to consider. It has benefits in terms of the wear and tear it can handle - ideal for people with pets and young children whose floors are likely to take a pounding over the next ten years.

However, if you are a dog owner, keep in mind that the dog’s claws can scratch the floor and lead it to look worn out, even though it may still be perfectly solid. Also, just because bamboo is proven to be highly durable does not mean the floor won’t need protection and maintenance in order to keep its chic look.

Strand woven flooring is more expensive than flooring which is constructed in the regular fashion. Bamboo flooring in general is quite affordable and relatively cheap compared to hardwood, but strand woven flooring is at the high end of the bamboo market. It’s more of a luxury product.

If expense is not an issue and you want an opulent look that will last a long time, choose strand woven bamboo. If you’re on a limited budget, regular bamboo flooring panels may have to suffice.

Apart from use in homes, strand bamboo is starting to become a popular choice for workplaces that have a lot of foot traffic. For a business owner, a strand bamboo wooden floor can help to create an aesthetically pleasing workplace while also helping to lower the long term costs of building maintenance.


Strand bamboo can also be a great option for DIY floors because of the flexibility it offers in terms of installation. This means you have an option to do the job yourself regardless of the foundation you are working with. Keep in mind that if you intend to have strand woven floors installed, this needs to be done after everything else in the building process such as painting, plastering, and so on.

All in all, strand bamboo flooring is excellent when you’re in need of a solid, visually attractive floor that can withstand high traffic levels.

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