Bamboo Flooring Advantages

Bamboo flooring benefits and advantages are said to outweigh those of many other materials such as the more traditional hardwoods.

In no particular order of importance, some of the advantages of making an investment in this product are listed below:

Environmentally Friendly

You will be using the most environmentally friendly natural construction material available. This is due to the eco-friendly plant harvesting having a quick turn around over most wood.

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Deforestation is a global issue so bamboo is attracting more attention as an alternative floor material because if is a renewable resource and ideal for helping to protect the environment, and particularly our dwindling forests.

Bamboo Flooring Durability Qualities

The exceptional high durability is a benefit of bamboo flooring due to its higher fibre rating than any hardwood floor. It has a very high tensile strength and once properly cured and treated is very durable.

The durability of this product eliminates the need to frequently replace floors through wear... provided you follow the appropriate guidelines for floor care. It is advisable to use rugs or mats in high traffic areas to protect the surface.

Hardness of Bamboo Flooring

One of the best bamboo flooring advantages is that it is one of the hardest natural floor materials available on the market and is noticeably harder than other types of hardwood such as oak and maple.

When comparing hardness averages, bamboo is up to 15% harder than maple and 30% harder than oak.

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Stability in Varied Conditions

Due to its ability to withstand moisture and changes in temperature, it is naturally tolerant of a variety of conditions such as humidity. It has a 50% higher dimensional stability than wood such as oak and, unlike some hardwood floors, does not expand and contract under conditions such as high humidity.

This means installation is easier as there is no warping or cupping due to grain stress.

Health Benefits

As with other hardwood floors, bamboo flooring is more hygienic when compared to floor coverings such as carpets. It is cleaner, healthier, easier to maintain, and altogether provides a healthier environment to live in. Carpets accumulate dust and mites which can lead to being a cause of health problems.

Resistance to Staining and Fading

Bamboo flooring advantages include properties, as described above, that enable it to be more resistant to daily life than other less durable natural materials. However, in the same way that any other hardwood surface is not totally resistant to fading, scratches and stains, these floors need to be cared for appropriately to retain their beauty and quality. To resist staining, fading, and scratching follow the care or maintenance methods that should be available to you from the bamboo flooring supplier or manufacturer you used.

Bamboo Floor Maintenance Levels

Another of the bamboo flooring advantages is that it is one of the easiest of all floor surfaces to maintain, keep clean, and retain that look of beauty that comes with installing a new surface. To give you a good idea of care and maintenance levels benefits of bamboo flooring, I have provided a general guide on how to care for a bamboo floor.

Costs Competitiveness

When considering all the costs involved in purchasing and installing a finished floor, bamboo is competitive with any of the hardwood varieties that are available on the current market.

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