Bamboo Flooring Bathroom

Having a bamboo flooring bathroom in your home provides a floor with strength, durability, aesthetic appeal, and is also classified as a "green" floor product for home owners looking for something different.

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This high quality home improvement material is categorised as usually being very sustainable due to a 3-5 year harvest cycle being possible.

It does offer a tropical and warm feel to your home, and is a good alternative to hardwood for people who are worried about the depletion of hardwood forests around the globe.


An excellent alternative to wooden floors, and as one of the hardest natural building materials available, it will provide a strong and durable surface.

This high durability provides improved hard wearing qualities that are mostly down to its high fibre rating in comparison to hard woods.


Different types, colours, and styles of bamboo flooring bathroom offer choices to compliment your interior design, from a contemporary and unique look to a more traditional feel.

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(As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase)

Water Damage Prevention

Floor materials made from bamboos can be installed in bathrooms but, even though naturally hard and durable with an inbuilt resistance to bacteria, mould and mildew, you must remember to take care to avoid leaving any standing water laying on the floor.

Like most floors made from natural products, it could be damaged from the effects of excessive water being left on if for extended periods of time. Just like hardwood floors, these can be prone to swelling if excessive water is left to stand.

The risk of water damage can be reduced through adding additional coats of water-based polyurethane following installation. The additional coats will penetrate into all the joints of the floor and seal it against potential moisture damage.

Really, you just have to ensure that you don't leave puddles of water on the floor!


When you purchase your bamboo bathroom flooring, make sure you check the warranty covers installation in this type of environment.

Because bathrooms are rooms that do have excessive moisture levels, the manufacturer may not provide warranty on the floor if it is to be in bathrooms, or similarly in kitchens. Therefore you must enquire about this before purchase of the product.

Investment and Value

For most people purchasing a home is the biggest investment they will ever make. It is therefore sensible to have good quality home improvement by installing versatile and hard wearing flooring surfaces that will compliment furnishings and decor.

As with any investment, do your research before you buy! Find out about quality, types, installers and suppliers, before committing to the purchase.

A supplier should be able to provide you with samples so you can look at the quality and assess against your interior design and decorating ideas.

The majority of suppliers that have specialist floor web sites will also provide reviews from their previous customers. I would highly recommend that you do take the time to read as many as you can. You might feel suspicious if the bamboo flooring bathroom supplier, or installer, is not happy to provide reviews about their products, or references on installations, from other customers.

Referral has been the traditional way, and most likely the best way, to get product, supplier and installation recommendations. However, if you do not know anyone who has had a bamboo flooring installatalled in the bathroom the next best method is undoubtedly the internet. You can often get access to customer feedback from to see if others are satisfied with the product and the installation.