Borinda Bamboo Genera and Species: A Comprehensive Guide

Borinda bamboo, characterized by their striking blue culms, represent a relatively new collection of species within the bamboo family.

These elegant bamboos are highly sought after for their ornamental appeal and versatile uses. In this article, we will explore the Borinda genus and its various species, along with their uses and characteristics.

Blue Borinda Genus Species: Clumping Growth

Borinda Genus bamboo culms - Blue bamboo canes
Borinda papyrifera - This species is known for its striking blue culms and clumping growth habit.

Borinda bamboo, known for their vibrant blue canes, belong to the clumping bamboo category. This means they grow in tight, non-invasive clumps, making them manageable and perfect for various landscaping purposes. Let's take a closer look at some prominent Borinda species:

Borinda Bamboo Uses and Characteristics

The captivating appearance of Borinda bamboo, with their stunning culms, makes them ideal choices for a wide range of applications. Here are some key uses and characteristics:

1. Architectural Specimen Plants: The unique color and graceful growth of Borinda bamboo make them excellent choices for architectural specimen plants. They can add a touch of elegance to gardens, parks, and botanical displays.

2. Privacy Screens: Borinda bamboo can be strategically planted to create natural privacy screens and hedges. When spaced appropriately, these clumping bamboos form dense barriers, providing both privacy and beauty.

3. Background Planting: Planting Borinda bamboo in front of dark backgrounds, such as walls or fences, accentuates the beauty of their culms and enhances their visual impact.

4. Container Gardening: While Borinda bamboo can thrive in the ground, they also adapt well to large containers. However, it's important to provide them with additional nutrients during the growing season and monitor them to prevent pot-bound growth.

Borinda Genera Bamboo Hardiness

Borinda bamboo species are generally hardy, with the ability to withstand winter temperatures as low as approximately -15°C (5°F). This resilience can be attributed to their origins in cooler climates at high altitudes.

Borinda Species New Culm, Node, and Sheath

Borinda KR5600 New blue bamboo hairy culm, node, and sheath

Borinda Species Culms and Growth

The culms, or canes, of Borinda bamboo exhibit certain characteristics that define their appearance and growth patterns:

Culm Width: Most Borinda species have culms with a width of around one inch (2 to 3 cm), though some may develop slightly wider culms under ideal conditions.

Culm Heights: These bamboos can reach impressive heights, ranging from 4.5 meters to 6 meters (13-20 feet), occasionally even higher. Their tall culms make them stand out in garden landscapes.

Clumping Growth: Borinda bamboo is non-invasive and grows in clumps, which means it spreads slowly over time. Typically, over the course of ten years, a clump will spread to approximately 0.80 meters to 1.5 meters (2.6 to 5 feet).

Borinda Species List

Here is a list of Borinda species, each with its unique characteristics and appeal:

Borinda papyrifera

Borinda KR 5600

Borinda Lushuiensis No 4 Yunnan

Borinda albocerea (Hsueh f. & T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda angustissima (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda boliana (Demoly) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda chigar Stapleton - Unresolved
Borinda contracta (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda edulis (Hsueh f. & T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda emeryi Stapleton [Unplaced] - Unresolved
Borinda extensa (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda fansipanensis (T.Q.Nguyen) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda farcta (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda frigidis (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda fungosa (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda glabrifolia (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda grossa (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda hsuehiana (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda lushuiensis (Hsueh f. & T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda macclureana (Bor) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda nujiangensis (Hsueh & C.M.Hui) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda papyrifera (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda perlonga (Hsueh f. & T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda schmidiana (A.Camus) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda setosa (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym
Borinda utilis (T.P.Yi) Stapleton - Synonym

It's worth noting that Borinda species were previously categorized under Fargesia on occasion.

Bamboo Plants

In conclusion, Borinda bamboo species are a captivating addition to any landscape, known for their mesmerizing blue culms and clumping growth habit. Whether used as ornamental focal points, privacy screens, or architectural accents, these bamboos bring both aesthetic appeal and functionality to gardens and outdoor spaces. Explore the various Borinda species to find the perfect fit for your landscaping needs.