Borinda KR 5600 - Blue Giant Bamboo

Borinda KR 5600, Giant Bamboo, was originally provisionally named in the Fargesia genus by the English collector Keith Rushforth and given the collecting number 5600, ‘KR’ being his initials. Most KR bamboos were collected in the dry uplands of Tibet.

Powdery Blue Waxy Culms of Borinda

Borinda KR 5600 Giant Bamboo culms - Blue bamboo canes and sheath

The KR category of bamboos has been around for about ten years and so is relatively new. The plant category is not that well known and they are quite difficult to find if you want to buy one.

The Borinda name for the species are described as such by Chris Stapleton, an English botanist.

Colourful Blue Bamboo Culms of B. KR 5600

Borinda KR 5600 Giant Bamboo culms - Blue bamboo canes and sheath

Borinda KR 5600 Spread and Growing Habit

Clumping non-invasive blue bamboo type. Non running.

Over 10 years a spread of 2.5 m (7 ft.) should be expected.


Maximum height: 8 metres (25ft) in optimal conditions over ten years.

This may be the tallest species in the Borinda category.

Culm Width

Maximum diameter: 4 cm (1.5 inches).

Ornamental New Blue Culms and Leaves of Borinda KR 5600 Specimen, Early Summer UK

Ornamental New Culms and Leaves of KR 5600 Borinda Bamboo Specimen, Early Summer UK


New culms have  a blue waxy bloom initially, hence will be recognised as a blue bamboo. This blue colour does eventually disappear to leave a green culm over time but all new culms will have this bluey colour each year.


Borinda KR 5600 Sheath and Blue Cane

Borinda KR 5600 Bamboo blue culm and sheath


Long narrow green leaves.

Hardiness of Borinda KR 5600 Bamboo

Hardy to min. Have been known to survive down to - 20 ° C. The species was discovered at 3300 metres in Tibet, looks subtropical, but seems to be very hardy.

New upright growing culms and leaves of Borinda KR 5600

Borinda KR 5600 New Upright Blue Bamboo Canes and Leaves Growing

Uses of Borinda KR 5600 Bamboo

Impressive plant with upright growing habit. Useful for specimen plants, privacy hedging and screening, or container bamboo.


Po Tsangpo in South East Tibet

Borinda Species Variations

List of other Borinda genus bamboo and the related Fargesia genus Bamboo.

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