Rhizome Barrier Installation

For advice on choice and type of bamboo barrier see Bamboo Rhizome Barrier.

The following is a guide on the recommended method of polyethylene bamboo rhizome barrier installation for the control of growth, particularly for running bamboo.

Bamboo Rhizome Spreading Above Ground - Large Running Bamboo Plant
Bamboo Rhizome Spreading Above Ground

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Dig a narrow trench right round the perimeter of the area you are allowing the bamboo plant to fill and which you want to contain it in.

The depth of the trench should be 22" deep for a 24" barrier or 34" deep for a 36" barrier.

Essentially, you want to allow the barrier to remain 2" above ground so that the bamboo rhizomes can't grow over the top. If you slope the sides of the barrier outwards so that the rhizomes are directed upwards they can then be pruned if necessary.

Overlap any joins in the barrier by 2-3 feet and tap up the joins with double sided sticky tape.

It is wise to check your rhizome barrier installation yearly to make sure there is no build up of soil and/or vegetation around the edge. This will ensure the rhizomes do not have anything they can grow into with the result of escaping over the top of the barrier.

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You are installing a rhizome bamboo barrier; do you think there should be bamboo regulations concerning controlling bamboo in urban areas?