Bamboo Regulation

Do you think bamboo regulation is needed? Or better bamboo education?

I read a news press release about a public meeting to be held by a town board to discuss the regulation of growing bamboo plants.

Because some species of 'running' bamboo plants can spread into neighbouring properties and cause serious problems for owners of those adjacent properties, often causing a lot of damage, the board will meet to discuss if there is a need to regulate bamboo growing.

Rhizome and Culm of a Big Running Invasive Bamboo
Rhizome and Culm of a Big Running Bamboo

The problems caused by spreading bamboo usually stems from the wrong bamboo species being planted in the wrong place by property owners. The trouble is that it is rare that the gardener or home owner would be aware of the difference between running and clumping species when they buy their nice young bamboo plant from the garden nursery to add to their landscaping plans.

Any aggressively spreading plants can get out of control and cause issues in a garden but bamboo is one type of plant that creates a specific problem due to the rhizomes being so strong and hard to eradicate. Because of this strength bamboos can cause damage to walls, fences, structures, and foundations, not just creep under fencing.

But only if it is one of the wrong bamboo types to plant in that location!

On planting running bamboo species in places where it must not be allowed to spread, it is necessary for a rhizome barrier installation or an alternative method of controlling the spread of the bamboo roots and rhizomes... but sometimes a property owner may not be aware of this when they buy the bamboo plants.

Clumping bamboo species are easier to control as they grow in a clump and do not cause such spreading problems provided enough room is left for the size of the specific species. Whereas running bamboo species can spread aggressively, often putting up new shoots several feet away from the main plant. Depending on the size of the offending species, height and culm width, the rhizomes and roots can be a big problem to get under control or to dig up again if method of control is not addressed at the time of planting.

What is your opinion on regulation of bamboo?

Do you think bamboo needs to be regulated?

Are you aware of any towns that already have regulation in place for planting bamboo?

If you know of anyone having issues with bamboo control and containment, would like to comment on the potential for bamboo regulation, have pictures of spreading bamboo causing problems or pictures of bamboo rhizome barrier preventing such issues, would like to comment on the potential for bamboo regulation, and would be happy to publish your story and pictures on this site, please contact me.

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