Bamboo Rhizome Barrier

Bamboo rhizome barrier permits the control of bamboo growth by surrounding it with a physical barrier such as concrete or specialist heavyweight plastic.

If the barrier is not sloping outwards the rhizomes may well attempt to get under the barrier, or just grow through it in the case of plastic. The barrier will need to be between 2 and 3 foot deep to be effective.

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Bamboo Rhizome Showing Above Ground - Large Running Bamboo Spreading
Bamboo Rhizome Above Ground Running Bamboo

In the majority of cases in the control of running bamboo it is recommended to use heavy twenty four inches wide, fourty ml, polyethylene and high density bamboo barrier.

This is available from suppliers on rolls and in various lengths to as long as two hundred and fifty feet.

This size should be suitable for most bamboo containment but in the case of giant bamboo species it is better to use up to thirty six inches wide for an improved barrier.

Polyethylene barriers are preferable to concrete for containing bamboo. It is not prone to cracking like concrete and it doesn't rust like metal where holes may appear and permit the bamboo plants to grow through and escape.

You will also need to purchase some double sided sticky tape for joining the ends.

In my experience it is easier in small gardens to prune the bamboo as described in Pruning Bamboo when it is not contained in a physical barrier.

If you want to follow the barrier method of containment for a more permanent, no maintenance, method of control from the start, slope the barrier sides outwards so any growing rhizomes are directed upwards where they can then be pruned as required.

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Bamboo Rhizome Barrier Installation

Guide and advice for installation of a polyethylene barrier


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