Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo plant is not a true member of the family of bamboos, or even related in fact!

Although it does have the appearance of being one, the truth is that it is called Dracena and it is a type of tropical house plant. See bamboo garden plants.

Lucky bamboo indoor plants...

In recent years Feng Shui has become very popular and these plants are known as one of the Feng Shui products in the market.

Said to bring the most luck when you receive these plants as gifts for in the home or office to symbolize success due to its fast growth, its strength and resilience, and ability to flourish all the year round.

Lucky Bamboo Tower

Feng Shui practitioners will recommend a these plants to improve your physical and mental energy for dealing with present day stresses. Use to bring you good fortune, growth, and prosperity, through use in your house, business premises or workplace.

They are very easy to take care of as well as all the positive benefits they are said to bring to your everyday life. They are tough and resilient and will grow in less well-lit indoor rooms as they do not require direct sunlight. Just remember to water at regular intervals with clean water. Rain water or spring water is preferable as it doesn't contain chemicals, but tap water is usually fine.

Lucky Bamboo

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Lucky Bamboo Plant Care

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Care of Lucky Bamboo Plants

Also worth investigating is the artificial bamboo plant range that can be found now. High quality silk bamboos in a range of sizes that can be used individually or together to create an indoor screen in your home, office, hotel, or other business setting.