Bamboo Yarn

Using bamboo yarn to knit clothes for anyone, including babies, gives you a garment that is not only soft and non irritable it also has a higher absorbency rate than many other natural yarns. It is reportedly three to four times more absorbent than cotton for example.

The bamboo themselves have a high level of water absorbency rate.

This property is passed on to the fibre and is present in resulting bamboo yarn.

Fabrics and clothing produced from bamboo, and retaining this property, will benefit you by actually wicking moisture away from your skin with the result of the moisture then evaporating. You will be left feeling much drier and comfortable than with natural materials that do not have this property.

Temperature Control and Breathability

Bamboo fiber also has excellent breathability naturally. Clothes have a natural built in temperature control due to the breathability of the fibre.

This means that if you use this yarn you creation will be cool to wear in the hottest weather. Inbuilt moisture absorption and ventilation both prove to be beneficial, particularly for outdoor clothing, socks, and sheets.

The exact same properties mean you will also be kept warm in cold climates and weather. The fabrics micro structure permits the trapping of warm air next to skin to maintain a temperature to keep you warm.

Clothing made from bamboo therefore achieves fantastic results when worn as a base layer for outdoor activities in summer or winter, warn or cold climates and environments. It will help you achieve a regulated body temperature that would otherwise be difficult and even life threatening.