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Resources and reviews of bamboo rod building books.

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"Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods" #ad

Book Description
The bamboo fly rod represents the pinnacle of the fly-fishing art: its apparent simplicity and delicacy belie the craftsmanship and strength that are the hallmarks of all great rods.

Wayne Cattanach begins in the Kwangsi and Kwantung provinces of China, where Tonkin bamboo takes about eight years to develop the qualities that distinguish it from all other materials: a tensile strength akin to steel, light in weight, with the flexibility that gives all bamboo rods their relaxed action.

"Fundamentals of Building a Bamboo Fly-Rod" #ad

Book Description
This is a truly excellent book on building a bamboo fly rod, and it is possibly the best currently available. The instructions are precise, the photos and drawings are detailed and the author(s) write the book from the standpoint of "We WANT you to succeed...

"A Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod" #ad

Book Description
By unanimous agreement, this is simply the best work on the subject - the definitive book. Mr. Garrison, a mechanical engineer by training, built perhaps the finest rods ever - and describes how it’s done. He died before the book was first published (in 1977) though his protégé, Hoagy B. Carmichael, completed it and brought it to publication. Essential reading for all who admire fine bamboo rods. A useful section is included on restoration, refinishing and repair as well. Now In Its Third Printing

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Bamboo Fly Rod Building Blanks

If you are keen to make your own fishing rods but do not want to build the blank, buying a blank to start you off with crafting your own is just the thing. You can buy blanks and hardware separately and outfit the rods yourself.

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Bamboo Fly Rod Building

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