Bamboo Fly Rod Blanks

You can buy bamboo fly rod blanks separately from the hardware and build the rods yourself. If you are keen to build your own rods but do not want to build the blank, buying a blank to start you off with crafting your own is just the thing.

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Alternatively, the supplier may provide additional options such as; provide a blank with ferrules, or the blank with the ferrules already attached etc.

Recommended Bamboo Species

Out of around 1,000 species and 91 genera, Arundinaria amabilis or Pseudosasa amabilis - Tonkin Cane, is the prized species most often used for bamboo fly rod blanks and building rods but Calcutta Cane was also used in this craft.

Tonkin Cane, recommended to be one of the strongest species of the bamboos due to its high density of fibers, is popular with makers because it's culms are straight, have well spaced nodes, are strong and flexible.

Pseudosasa amabilis

Common name: Tonkin bamboo
Family: Gramineae
Synonyms: Arundinaria amabilis
Range: E. Asia - S. China
Habitat: Forests; Forest Margins; Damp Grasslands; Woodland Garden; Sunny Edge; Dappled Shade; Shady Edge; Deep Shade;

Bamboo Rod Blanks for Sale

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Bamboo Fly Rod Blanks for sale on Amazon

For more information, guides, book reviews, and resources on making your own rods and using bamboo fly rod blanks please see my page on bamboo fly rod building.

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