Rolled Bamboo Fencing

Rolled bamboo fencing is ideal both for indoor and outdoor fence and privacy screening needs.

Rolled fence material can provide a backdrop or barrier, be used for window shading or room dividers, it is perfect for structural outdoor fence panels or indoors in homes and offices, and for many types of privacy boundary fence.

Rolled Bamboo Fencing for Outdoor Garden Privacy Fence Panel

Additional benefits of using materials made from bamboo are; unique, tropical feel to garden, environmental conservation support with a 'green building' material, rolled bamboo fences are relatively easing to install.

Look for rolled bamboo fencing that has been; treated with preservative, treated against insect infestation, heat straightened, capped at the top to prevent water standing inside the canes if being used outdoors, and has been tested to ensure it will withstand the elements.

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Rolled Bamboo Fencing Uses

Use bamboo for:

  • Building a new fence
  • Add additional height to existing walls
  • Covering an unsightly wall such as garage or shed
  • Covering up an ugly existing fence such as chain link or block built fencing
  • An edging for a garden boundary or border

Indoor Uses

Use rolled bamboo in interior design for:

  • Building an indoor bar such as a tropical type tiki bar
  • Covering walls or ceilings
  • Building room dividers or partitions, either full height or part height

Rolled Bamboo Fencing Panels

Including fence panels made from bamboo in your landscaping or garden design will add an air of relaxation and can easily transform your garden in a short period of time.

These bamboo panels can be purchased in various sizes and designs, some completely constructed from bamboo and others are based on a wooden frame.

See my page on Bamboo Fence Panels for more information.

DIY Fence Build

If you like doing DIY (do it yourself) and feel like building your own bamboo fence, consider rolled bamboo fencing with caps and mouldings.

Portable types of screens are also a good consideration for DIY fencing projects.

For tips on building your own fence panels please see Bamboo Fence Building.

Maintenance and Care

As any natural product, bamboo fencing will age and fade. This is part of the beauty of using fencing made from natural materials. However, it is important to maintain natural products to prevent them from deteriorating. A bamboo fence will last for many years if you provide it with the same level of maintenance you would expect to give to protect a wooden fence from the elements.