Bamboo Edging

Bamboo edging provides a stunning finish to garden edges with the flexibility to fit to any curve or shape.

An excellent choice to provide a neat finish to the edge of your flower beds, vegetable patch, pathway or decking.

The flexibility of bamboo garden edging means you can follow the straight or contoured edges of any borders in your garden design.

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Bamboo Edging Large Diameter Poles with End Stakes
Bamboo Garden Edging Poles

Designs and Sizes

These types of edges, or garden borders, are available in various sizes and designs.

Some are constructed completely out of bamboo and others are designed with wooden stakes or frames.


Bamboo fence poles

One way to construct your border or edge is to cut the canes to the desired height and put them in the ground individually.

As an edge isn't generally very high they don't need to be very deep in the soil, just enough to prevent them from moving.

If you choose this method be sure to put some preservative on the part that is buried to help prevent it from rotting.

Recommended preservatives are; petroleum base preservatives, and oils such as hemp.


Prefabricated bamboo edging sections offer easy installation and time savings, ready made to be collected from the supplier and/or delivered directly to your door.

You can buy it in lengths that have the canes wired together and small posts at each end that you knock into the ground to secure it in place.

The sections are usually approximately 4ft long and if the stakes at each end are made of pre-treated wood, the canes will not actually be buried in the soil and will have an improved life span.

These sections should bend easily and hold the desired shape for your edge.

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(As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase)

DIY - Do it Yourself Bamboo Edging

An excellent option if you fancy doing something a bit more unique as you can design your own!

Bamboo Gate

Quantity of Materials

To make your own bamboo edging for your garden you first need to figure out the quantity of materials you need to complete the job. The following guide will be useful even if you are getting someone else to install it for you.

1. Measure the length you want to put a border on. Decide on the diameter of the poles. Divide the length of edging you need by the width of each pole and that will tell you how many pieces you need.

Example: 24ft long (divided by 12) = 288 inches, divided by 2inches (width of cane) = 144 pieces/canes.

2. Decide on the required height of the finished edge, 4", 6", 8", or random heights can sometimes be effective. If you are going to put each piece in the ground add the length that will be in the ground to the required height. If you are going to peg them at each end and have them sitting on top of the surface the required height will be the exact measurement. Take the figure resulting from number 1 above and multiply it by the required height.

Example at 6" high (on top of soil): 144 multiplied by 6 = 864ft of cane required.

3. You should now have the total linear length for your design. Find out what length the poles are available in and divide the result of 2 above by the length of the poles you will purchase to cut to size. Now you know how many poles to buy!

Example for 12ft poles: 864ft divided by 12ft = 72 canes/poles

Obviously if you use a wider cane you will need less of them, re-calculate to see how much you need. I find it's always wise to get a little bit extra in case you mess up with the cutting.

If you have a surplus you can always have a go at making a wind chime!

Keep it in mind that if you want to have a finish with a closed node at the top of each piece to prevent water accumulating in the tubes you will have some wasted poles from the cutting.

So, order more than you need or ensure that your supplier has more available if you need them!

If you don't want to waste any of the poles you could knock the diaphragms out to let the water through.

Tips for Building Your Own Bamboo Edging

  • Using pressure-treated hardwood for the end stakes that will be in contact with or buried in the soil is advisable. This is recommended because continuous contact with damp soil can cause bamboo to rot after 3-4 years and pre-treated hardwood stakes will last longer. Round stakes will match the bamboo better than square.
  • Using a fine bladed hacksaw to cut the canes is recommended
  • To prevent collection of water inside the canes cut above the joint at the top, diagonally or vertically, so that the membrane can help provide protection.
  • Bamboo can crack or be crushed if you nail directly into it, as does wood. To prevent this drill holes, that are fractionally bigger than the nail, prior to nailing. Be careful with the hammer to avoid crushing the cane. Alternatively use a nail gun/driver.
  • Recommended preservatives are; petroleum base preservatives, and oils such as hemp.
  • As your edging ages it may change colour and crack through expanding and contracting in different temperatures and weather conditions. This is natural, will not affect the strength of the fencing... and it gives character to the material!

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Care and Maintenance

They are just like a wooden edge; they will fade and age, and will last for years if you provide the same standard of construction and level of maintenance that you would to care for a wooden edge or fence.

Petroleum base preservatives, and oils such as hemp are recommended preservatives.