Semiarundinaria yashadake Kimmei - Narihira Bamboo

Semiarundinaria yashadake Kimmei, commonly known as Narihira Bamboo, is an attractive fast growing bamboo that displays different colours in the fall full sun than it does during summer.

If a shorter bamboo with dense culms and foliage is required, this is a good ornamental choice provided you are aware it is a fast growing running bamboo.

Common Name: Narihira Bamboo

S. yashadake 'Kimmei' Bamboo

Semiarundinaria yashadake Kimmei - Narihira Bamboo

Spread and Growing Habit

Vigorous running bamboo with plentiful new culms in the growing season making it a dense plant. This bamboo does need room to spread or some kind of spread control, or be planted in a large container.


Maximum height: 4.6m (15 ft.) but 3-4 (10 ft to 13 ft.) most likely.

Culm Width

Maximum diameter: 2.5cm (1 inch).


Prolific shoot production each year. There will be no shortage of new canes with this bamboo.


Sheaths drop away and are not retained on the culms.

Culms of Semiarundinaria yashadake Kimmei

Golden yellow upright culms with green stripes in the grooves. New culms can have a pink tinge. The canes can also display a red blush colour in the autumn when grown in full sun.


Slender long branches arching outwards.


The leaves are up to 25mm (1”) wide and 180mm (7”) long, dark green, with the a white stripe appearing occasionally.

Leaves that drop in winter will be replaced in spring.


Hardy to min. -18°C (0°F), zone 6

Uses of Semiarundinaria yashadake Kimmei Bamboo

Very dense and good for a lower windbreak or privacy screening where a taller bamboo is not required.

Can be planted in containers, or a rhizome barrier can be used to control future spread.




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