Bamboo Tiki Bar

A bamboo tiki bar with a thatched roof will make an excellent addition to your garden. They are really good for socialising, outdoor parties, or just to sit at with a cool drink in the summer. The thatched roof provides good shade to keep your drinks and food out of the sun or rain and there is plenty of storage room to keep glasses etc.

Look for a good quality and well designed bamboo tiki bar that is not only beautiful but also strong enough to last for years. Vey cheap versions do not tend to have the long life when when comparing to higher quality bars and garden structures. Paying a bit extra in the beginning guarantees you're buying something that will last. As always, you get what you invest in and higher quality is usually a higher price unless you manage to find an exceptional sale priced product.

With a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from you will find something to fit the size of area in your garden. Such as one of the natural coloured L shaped bars that are availale for smaller areas. Or semi-enclosed shapes that are suitable for a larger garden area, and are great for outdoor entertainment and socialising.

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Outdoor Bamboo Tiki Bar

Any kind of natural garden structure needs to withstand outdoor conditions. Wind, rain, and sun will all take their toll which is why selecting bars made from bamboos are such a good choice. Bamboos and related products are known for their strength and durability, and will therefore maintain their structural integrity over many years.

Some will have been processed and/or coated with treatment that ensures the original beauty is maintained through being subjected to outdoor elements. They are very durable but do ask if it has been treated for insect infestation, and enquire about how you can maintain your new garden furniture in the future. Just like wooden structures, outdoor products made from bamboos do need a certain level of maintenance.

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