Bamboo Garden Benches

Bamboo benches are a popular alternative to a wooden bench and in preference to the use of plastic and metal. The use of outdoor furniture made from bamboos exudes an air of peace and natural serenity in your outdoor space that can't be rivaled with the use of unsightly plastic chairs.

A bench made from a natural resource will blend into it's surroundings and after weathering will look like a part of the landscape.

They provide durability and comfort and come in a variety of designs and shapes according to your seating preference or requirements.

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Bamboo Outdoor Bench

Bamboo garden benches can endure outdoor weather conditions being a very strong material used in many countries for buildings and other structures. Species of bamboos such as the muso variety are often used for furniture such as a bench or chair because it is relatively straight with a thick wall. The result is strength and durability that is needed for furniture that's left outside in the elements.

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As this bench will be a natural product, you can maintain furniture made from bamboos with natural oils and other products that you would normally use to maintain a similar wooden bench.

The designs of furniture for gardens made from bamboos are varied. The handcrafted bench with a planked or diamond shaped lattice work back or arm rest can provide a real unique look to your gardens landscape design.

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Colour choices are often based on the natural colour of bamboos or stained to fit in with the environment, such as brown or green.

Some designs allow the bench to be folded for ease of storage but that will depend whether the design permits this. You can purchase them with straight or curved back supports although these are not usually foldable and therefore take up more storage space if you are in the habit of putting your garden furniture away in the winter.

Do not worry, this plant is the strongest woody plant on earth and structures made from it can withstand the outside elements. However, these products can be prone to infestation by wood-boring insects in the same way that a wooden structure would be, and therefore you must treat it with wood preservatives and follow any manufacturer's instructions that are provided.

Most bamboo garden benches are fairly moderately and competitively priced. However, if you are looking for something really different and are prepared to pay more you can find unique custom and/or handcrafted versions.

You may also be interested in bar stools made from bamboo or a gazebo for the garden.