Bamboo Floor Vase

Add a hand crafted bamboo floor vase as a compliment to the interior design of any room.

Bamboo vases are made from a natural material and therefore each vase will have its own unique characteristics and you'll never find another one the same anywhere.

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Some bamboo vase designs remain in their natural state and beauty and do not have a colour dye or bleach yet others have been coloured to give you more choice. Usually you will see variations in original plants natural state showing through whether the floor vase has been dyed or not, which adds to the uniqueness of these vases.

These tall vases, designed to stand on floors, are usually made with long strips of spun bamboo that are curved around a frame to create the individual shape. The surface is then sanded to provide a luxuriously smooth surface on the curved shape and completed with the provision of a protective coating.

The different shapes and colours available are best demonstrated through the images of vases for sale on this page. They are also a good compliment to screens made from bamboo materials.

One of these vases could be used as a Feng Shui symbol in your home.

Finding a Bamboo Floor Vase

Furniture stores and garden centres are a good place to look. Alternatively, you can for these vases online where you will find a huge selection available. You can read the feedback of previous customers to see if the seller delivers good quality products. An excellent selection of quality vases, good value for money, delivered to your door!

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