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This bamboo pictures page provides access to stock bamboo photos first and framed pictures for sale further down the page, (scroll down to see the listings of pictures to hang at home).

If you are looking for suppliers of stock photos and high resolution royalty free images, resources for digital photos and images, and listings where you can buy pictures of bamboo online these are linked on this page first.

Stock photo suppliers have a wide range of choices and resolutions of photos to meet your requirements, whether you are looking for using for print purposes or in the development of a web site.

One of my favourite sites is Big Stock Photo. The images are low cost and can be purchased in several resolutions depending if you need print quality or for digital media and lower quality.

Picture of Bamboo Hedging
Picture of Bamboo for Hedging

In my personal experience, buying bamboo pictures online is an excellent way to access a wide variety of images that you otherwise are not able to find. I have bought some really good photos from stock photo sites to enhance this site and have always been pleased with my purchases.

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I found that linking up with digital image suppliers is the best method of also making these resources accessible to you through this bamboo web site. Although most images on this site are my own, I haven't got access to everything I need related to such a variety of bamboo so I bought some photos from stock photo suppliers.

Not only that, if you have some good images of your own you can put them up for sale and earn yourself a little extra income!

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If you are developing a web site and need some images, or need some hi-res photos for printing purposes, or are a photographer looking for somewhere to sell your photos, I recommend you visit

Stock Photo

One of my favourite sites is Big Stock Photo.
You can buy photos and images in several different resolutions.

Bamboo Culms Picture, Nigra, Green and Black Blotches

Selling Photos

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