Bamboo Rug

Top quality bamboo rug or mat to enhance any home surfaces, the durability is high, it is a material that has natural fire repellent qualities, and it is hard wearing due to its high fibre rating.

Interior Design, Styles, and Colours

Solutions in this natural floor covering come in different designs, textures, and styles to compliment your interior design choices, unique, traditional, or contemporary.

Although they come in a lot of different colours, there is no need to artificially colour a bamboo rug. The natural variations in colour are part of its beauty and there are so many to choose from you can't fail to find a colour to suit your interior design.

Area Suitability

These area rugs are suitable for use on any surface and most have a felt backing to prevent slipping or damage to the floor underneath. Use them on carpets and hard wood or bamboo flooring, in your bathroom on tiles, in the bedroom, kitchen, or hallway. Wherever you need to use them they will provide durable rugs, even in high traffic areas and out in the conservatory.

Care and Maintenance

They are ideal in areas where frequent cleaning may be needed such as kitchens as they are easy to care for and clean. They usually have a felt backing which prevents undue wear and tear and helps protect the longevity of the rugs.

Added Value and Investment

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Bamboo mats and rugs for sale on Amazon

The big investment made buying a home means installing hard wearing surfaces to enhance your decor and furnishings makes sense. Good rugs and mats are another investment that can protect your floors so make sure you do your research first. Most specialists accept and publish reviews for you to read.