Bamboo Cabinets

Bamboo cabinets can be added to the extensive list of bamboo materials and products for enhancing your home that are considered to not only be 'green' but also a strong material just like hard wood.

I personally love wood and I may as well admit it, I am a lover of hard wood and always have been. However, hardwood products are not only pretty expensive the trees take a lot longer to grow than bamboo and to be honest I would rather see the tree alive than cut it down to make a cabinet!

Although we may find it hard to think of using something new in preference to what we have always considered to be the ultimate in quality, I consider it to be important to think of the unsustainability of continually chopping ancient trees down just to satisfy our own increasing demands.

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Bamboo is a popular choice for all sorts of contemporary home furnishings and building materials. In the last few years it has become evident that bamboo plants can provide us with a huge range of products that, in some countries, would not have been considered or available not so long ago.

Ok, the grain of bamboo is equally as interesting as wood, it's just a bit different and may be a talking point when your friends visit because, unless they have seen bamboo in this way before, they will not be likely to identify what natural material your cabinets have been made from.

You can proudly tell them that you chose bamboo and are doing your bit to protect our hardwood forests from being destroyed. Point out that it's no longer a good idea because trees take so long to grow and it will be difficult to replace some of them within generations.

Bamboo cabinets can look stylish and warm, bamboo has exceptionally durability and will provide longevity, they can be used in the home or office, and the design can be adapted to suit traditional, modern, or even to create an atmosphere to replicate the tropical feel.

If you have a good budget for your cabinets you could get some tailor made to suit you and so you have something entirely unique. Although the grain of bamboo and different colours of finished products make them unique anyway just like wood, having cabinets made just for your designs will add even more of an appeal to your décor.

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Bamboo has a colourful history, spanning centuries, and has always been an extremely useful material in some countries. It is only in more recent years that it has become so popular throughout countries where the big timber bamboos have not previously grown naturally. Although there is also a move towards growing timber bamboo species commercially in the northern hemisphere to cut down on the environmental impact of transporting bamboo materials across the world and increase their eco-friendly status.

Bamboo can be used in a sustainable way and it grows at an incredible rate from when it first puts up shoots to when it becomes a harvestable resource in somewhere around five years depending on what you are harvesting it for. It continually regenerates from the established rhizomes and unlike trees when you cut a bamboo culm down you do not kill the plant. It is therefore without a doubt a 'renewable' resource for the future.

Having read all this, if you still want to use wood for your cabinets, use a type of wood that has been specifically grown as a sustainable resource such as pine.

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